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Guest Topic
Teaching Topic
Episode: 1
Guest: J'Nell Simmons
Guest Topic: Social Platforms for Landlords
Teaching Topic: Holdover v Nonpayment
Episode: 2
Guest: Michael Voncour
Guest Topic: MCI Increases
Teaching Topic: Keeping paperwork in order prior to Landlord and Tenant Litigation
Episode: 3
Guest: Elan Kels
Guest Topic: Multifamily buildings
Teaching Topic: Certificates of Occupancy
Episode: 4
Guest: Neal Kurzner
Guest Topic: Backflow Regulators
Teaching Topic: Multiple Dwelling Registration
Episode: 5
Guest: Aida Gashi
Guest Topic: Managing Co-ops vs. Apartments
Teaching Topic: Rent Impairing Violations
Episode: 6
Guest: David Goldoff
Guest Topic: Next Generation Mangers
Teaching Topic: Landlord's Corporate Status
Episode: 8
Guest: Joe Chajmovicz
Guest Topic: Emergency Electric Generators
Teaching Topic: Tips to Better Also write our L&T in the chart as Landlord and Tenant Trials
Episode: 9
Guest: Joe Chajmovicz
Guest Topic: Property Management Technology
Teaching Topic: Landlord and Tenant Tips In A Co-Op Setting
Episode: 10
Guest: David Goldoff
Guest Topic: Advice for New Property Manager
Teaching Topic: Holdovers and Expired Leases
Episode: 11
Guest: Neal Kurzner
Guest Topic: Local Law 11
Teaching Topic: Additional Occupants In An Apartment
Episode: 12
Guest: JP Rutigliano
Guest Topic: Dealing with Short Term Rentals like AirBnB
Teaching Topic: Violation of the Short Term Leasing Law
Episode: 13
Guest: JP Rutigliano
Guest Topic: Leveraging Technology in your Multifamily Building
Teaching Topic: Stipulations of Settlement
Episode: 14
Guest: Stephanie Watkins
Guest Topic: Managers as Chameleons
Teaching Topic: Stipulation of Settlement