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Jay B. Itkowitz | Founding Partner

Most Honest Attorney -- Bar None

"Most Honest Attorney -- Bar None!"
- New York Post, September 22, 1995

In 1992, Mr. Itkowitz was approached by a person who claimed to have "special" connections in the insurance industry that would help settle a pending negligence case in which Mr. Itkowitz represented the plaintiff. Mr. Itkowitz suspected this overture was corrupt in nature, and he immediately notified the District Attorney's Office. At the request of the District Attorney, Mr. Itkowitz became a confidential informant and gathered evidence, even wearing a concealed wire. Mr. Itkowitz's actions led to a wide-ranging investigation that resulted in numerous indictments and convictions of the wrongdoers involved in the insurance industry. Press coverage of Mr. Itkowitz's role in the investigation can be found at this link.